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Hey, Mama!
Welcome to The Boobtique!

Meet the Owner

Bri Blankenbicker

Lactation Consultant

Hey Mama! 

Thank you so much for your interest in my lactation support and prenatal classes! I am so honored that you are considering trusting in me to provide you with the support and education needed for such an exciting time in your life!

I know everything surrounding having a new baby can feel a little overwhelming, the last thing I want you to feel is overwhelmed AND ill prepared! My goal is to address your fears/ anxieties, answer your questions, and turn those overwhelming feelings into feelings of excitement and readiness! You got this!!


Meet Bri!

My name is Bri Blankenbicker and I am a Registered Nurse (RN), Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator (ICCE), and HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator (HBCE). 

I'm a natural minded mama to four young children and a contractors wife. We love spending time as a family out on the lake and homesteading with our mini farm.

I’m a stronger believer in faith and freedom! I believe that God has perfectly designed us to carry, birth, and feed our babies!

That belief serves as the strong foundation for the classes that I have personally created, as well as, the holistic care that I provide.











What services do I offer?

Holistic Lactation Support:

  • In home pre and postnatal lactation consultations

  • In office pre and postnatal lactation consultations

  • Virtual pre and postnatal lactation consultations

  • Pre & post weights

Comprehensive Prenatal Education:

  • Labor & Birth

  • Breastfeeding 101

  • Newborn Care

  • Natural Coping Measures for Labor & Birth

  • HypnoBirthing

  • & More

Personalized Birth Planning Support

What are my specialties?

  • Unmedicated birth

  • Home birth

  • Multiples

  • Exclusive breastfeeding

  • Exclusive pumping

  • Breast & bottle combination feeding

  • Working mamas

  • Donor milk

  • Relactation

  • Managing milk supply

  • Transitioning back to breast


Providing women and families with the education and tools they need to have a safe, healthy birth and postpartum experience is something that I am truly passionate about and I’m thankful you are here to learn more!

Ready to schedule?

Prenatal Education
ICEA Childbirth Educator
HypnoBirthing Classes


If you have questions about scheduling an in-home lactation consultation, private prenatal education, or anything else, please fill out the form below. Thank you!

Lake Norman, NC

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