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Nourisher Lactation and Pre & Postnatal bars are packed with the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs to stack up the building blocks of life. Some ingredients help boost your breastmilk, while others help bolster your bod to mold your mini-me. No matter what kind of nutrition you need, know that our products are made with the real food that will satisfy what your body and your taste buds are jonesing for.

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Sarah Eiley is a mother of 4 and a professional Doula with 16+ years of experience supporting families. With gentle hands and a humble heart, she guides families to experience birth as a powerful, transformative journey and to move forward into parenthood with confidence.

*Private and group class discount provided for Sage Mama Doula Clients

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Kris Smooke owns and operates Tiny Hands Learning, a fast-growing baby sign language business based outside of Charlotte, NC.

Her courses and programs are committed to enhancing early communication with babies and toddlers. She graduated in the field of Interpreting (ASL) and worked as a freelance interpreter in the Charlotte area prior to becoming a mom.

She is now the mother of two and became passionate about baby signs as soon as she began reaping the benefits of baby signs with her own children. This online course was created in response to COVID-19 and now Tiny Hands Learning is trusted nationwide by parents, caregivers, doctors, educators and (of course) the babies, too!

*Use code THEBOOBTIQUELKN for $10 off the online course


A revolutionary bottle based on the best breastfeeding technology in existence: you.

*Use code BOOBTIQUE for free shipping on your first purchase over $49

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