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Wow your provider and nursing staff with this beautiful visual birth preferences/ plan template! This birth plan was designed specifically for you by a pediatric and birth center nurse, internationally board certified lactation consultant, certified childbirth educator, certified HypnoBirth educator, and mama of 4!

Once purchased, you will receive a document with the link and instructions on how you can edit and customize it yourself with Canva. Please read on for more information!

Three pages + extras for you to express your preferences for:
Your Plan A:
1) The overall vibe of the room
2) Your coping strategies
3) During Delivery
4) After Delivery
5) Newborn Care
Your Plan B:
1) If a C-Section is indicated
2) If mom and baby need to be separated

1) Once you purchase the template, you will be able to download a document with the Canva link to the Visual Birth Preferences Template for you to customize, save, and print

2) Before you can edit the template, you will need to log in to your existing Canva Pro account or sign up for the free trial

3) Customize the template to your ultimate vision! You can change any text, images, color, icons... anything!

4) Simply delete any bubbles you don't need, or add extra ones from the pages at the end. You have over 100 bubbles to choose from!

5) If there’s anything else that you would like to add that I have not included, you can simply just change the text of something you don’t want/ need then add a new icon by searching the Elements section in Canva

6) Print your template to share it with your provider and birth team


For this template, green means go and red means stop. This is so your provider and nurses can easily distinguish between what you want and don’t want during your delivery

Planning on using water as a means of coping during your labor? Keep it green. Not your thing? Change it to red. Easy peasy! 

Side Note: you can change the colors to whatever you'd like


Once you have finished customizing your visual birth plan, it's time to print. You can print multiple copies- one for your provider, one for your doula, one for your hospital bag... one for anyone and everyone who needs a copy.

This item is for DIGITAL DOWNLOAD only, no physical item will be sent/ shipped.
This is a final sale item, there are no refunds for digital downloads. If you are experiencing any issues, I am happy to help you resolve any problems you might have. Please feel free to contact me.
NOT FOR RESALE OR COMMERCIAL USE. Please do not distribute or sell the original template. Please continue to support small businesses like mine and send people to the shop to purchase for themselves. Thank you!


The Boobtique Customizable Digital VISUAL Birth Preferences Template

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